further questions you may have...

Am I in safe hands?

Both Diane and Tamer hold first aid certificates, Diane is a trained fasting guide, bodywork practitioner, Yoga teacher and personal trainer. Tamer is a personal trainer. Both have personal experiences of fasting, including several 7 days fasts.

I am worried about a week without food, can I do it?

From personal and professional experience, yes you can, not only can you survive you will thrive without food. It is natural to feel nervous but I can assure you it doesn’t take long for your body to recalibrate and for your body, mind and spirit to start feeling the benefits. I know many people, myself included, who after experiencing a 7 day fast once, have repeated it many times because of the wonderful benefits and experience.

Will I have the energy to get out of bed and walk in nature, do yoga etc?

Yes you will, if anything you will find you have more energy once your mind has embraced the fasting process. The elimination techniques we use alongside the group support mean you will be in the best position to fully embrace all of the benefits of this cleanse and will find that your energy actually increases because you are giving your organs a break, you sleep better and therefore feel more revitalised too.

I am worried about spending lots of time in a group, is there space for time on my own?

Yes, we have offered shared sleeping spaces to keep the cost down for those who want to attend but might not be able to afford a single occupancy space. There is however so much space within the retreat for time alone, snugs and dens, the retreat space itself plus the grounds for walks and time in nature. Whilst this is very much a group program we appreciate your need for solitude too. And if you are sharing a room, we are running a ‘silent room’ policy, so you have the time and space to nap, journal, rest and integrate, even if you are sharing a sleeping space.

What if the weather is bad? Will we still do the walks?

Yes, in fact we embrace the elements even more as part of this cleanse, connecting to nature and our true authentic selves. We will ask you to bring warm and waterproof clothing, suitable footwear and know that the log fires on your return will be even more welcoming and cosy.

What if I have a fasting/healing crisis and feel unwell?

Of course, they do happen, but in my experience they are far more short lived and manageable when you are supported and given the best tools to help you. That is why we insist on walking in nature to help eliminate toxins through fresh air, breath and movement, and we are offering other activities like meditation, yoga, gentle movement and body work too. All of these will help support you through this, if it should happen, in a far better way than if you were doing this alone at home.There is also something incredibly special about a group all sharing the same experience and for this reason any ‘difficulties’ seem so much less when you have a group of likeminded souls all there to support you and going through the same thing.

What about my mobile phone?

We will be running a no phone policy in the bedrooms and would ideally prefer minimal use in the communal areas. But we will leave it with the individual's discretion about appropriate usage during this week of cleanse. We would recommend a digital detox for maximum benefits, if you can, but up to you.

Anything else…

If you are concerned about anything that I have not mentioned here or would like to discuss if you feel this is the right retreat for you, I would be delighted to talk to you and we can arrange a free discovery call here.