5 reasons why fasting Hiking is worth it

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Fasting hiking is a little adventure in itself. Are you wondering if you should try it out? Here are a few of reasons why it's worth it:

1.Together we can do more

When done in a group, fasting is not that difficult. The sense of community during the hike supports and helps to block the burgeoning longings for solid food.

2. Muscles stay strong

Since the body switches to a low basal metabolic rate very quickly when fasting and uses up body reserves, you naturally lose a lot of weight - unfortunately also in the form of muscles. By moving in the fresh air, on the other hand, this process is counteracted and the muscles remain strong. The additional exercise during the fast means a higher basal metabolic rate. This means the body burns fat faster and the effects of fasting set in sooner.


3. Good for your health

All the health benefits of fasting - support of the cardiovascular system, the conscious renouncement of "small sins" and one-sided nutrition as well as the re-regulation of the intestinal flora - naturally also occur when just fasting but are significantly increased by the light exercise of hiking.


4. Good for the mind

Fasting walks are great ways to achieve more well-being, energy and health at the same time. The mix of movement and the cleansing effect of not eating can be felt immediately on the body and mind.


5. Perceive nature more intensely

Exercising in fresh air also distracts from not eating. During the hiking tour, we think about the essentials; namely our bodies and our environment. Food takes a back seat. In addition, perception intensifies during fasting, so that nature can be experienced in a new way.

The day of departure

At 9 am we meet for a last herbal tea and a final chat. Then we do one last hike in the area. At the end of the morning the big moment has come: Breaking the fast with "your" apple. And don't forget: formulate a wish for the future! At 1 p.m. it's time to say goodbye. And you might say: "See you next year!"


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