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Nutrition ~ My Belief

As an alternative practitioner, I always look for hidden reasons for anyone’s health issues. Not the individual body condition is treated, but the whole person.

The Individual with everything that makes him/her -his/her body, mind & soul, peculiarities, experiences, and history.

I am also a reiki practitioner, hold women circles, facilitate workshops, and host retreats. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time in nature and love to experiment in the kitchen as I believe in the mantra: “Let food be thy medicine.”


I believe Nutrition is the direct connection between us humans and our environment. The Wild times of 2020 made it clear to us that there are many links between human health and the health of the earth. Everything that keeps us alive has its origin in the ecological systems of the earth and its inhabitants. If the habitats remain large enough for the animals and the air, water and soil remain clean enough, our respiratory tract and our immune system are less vulnerable.


I always attached great importance to a naturally healthy body, which is why I have been passing on my knowledge as a fasting guide, holism and health to clients in my clinic Kindred Spirit’ as a certified alternative practitioner since.


Fasting Is not Starving, or dieting

~ it is cleansing

During the fasting process, the digestive organs come to rest and can recover. Many substances that are “stuck” in various areas of the body are mobilised, transported and excreted, so that in some sense there is a cleansing and detox process.  This thorough, insistent cleansing of the digestive system has a powerful effect on mind and spirit, bringing about a state of mental clarity and an overriding feeling of being awake, aware and alert.  Your new “inner stillness” can be experienced in many ways, such as a new level of patience with others, or loving kindness directed towards the self and others.

Those who just cannot imagine being totally abstinent might consider a partial restriction in the form of an alkaline fast.

Image by Arnaud Mesureur

Fasting – the deliberate abstention from solid food to cleanse mind, body and soul - has been part of the world’s religious traditions for millennial.  As far back as Greek antiquity, fasting was recommended as part of a healthful life by Hippocrates of Kos (460-370 BC), on whom all doctors still pledge their oath, 

“If you want to stay strong, healthy and young, be moderate in everything, breathe pure air, practise daily skin care regimes (dry brushing), exercise and fast, rather than curing a minor pain with medication.”

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