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Immediately on our first meeting I felt relaxed and comfortable in your company. I loved your naturally gentle open nature and how you took the time to talk at the start of both sessions. 
A friend recommended I give you a call following 3 unsuccessful IVF transfers where frustratingly there seemed to be no reason for the embryos to take. I felt no hestitation in getting in touch as I figured at the very least it may be a calming experience to help me move through my pain and accept the possibility of an alternative life vision ahead.
I had such a warm special feeling after the treatment with you which was so relaxing.
After this I had only one period before finding out We had conceived naturally, to our absolute joy and amazement.
I would whole heartedly recommend your services to anyone at any point of their fertility journey. It can be an all consuming time and it’s so important to take care of yourself throughout and take time out for this side of things, since working with you I feel naturally I have slowed down and I’m so glad about that.
My second appointment was also fantastic with  the introduction of excersises which will be useful throughout, if I only lived nearer I would love to have a regular class of mindful excerising with you.
I guess my case is pretty lucky and I know our great joy may be a combination of a few changes like moving closer to family, but the bigger picture is always there in my mind when I think of you and your beautiful energy.
Thank you so much, We feel so lucky to have worked with you


"Diane has an aura, a very special energy. From the moment I met her I felt calm. Her voice, her eyes, her capability to truly listen and connect with humans at a deeper level is a natural gift. Add to that her healing touch. It is pure positive energy that she transfers when she massages. I felt calmer, more positive and totally rejuvenated from the inside out after every session with her. She is truly gifted and I cannot recommend her enough!"


"I was told about Diane from a friend of mine. At first I was reluctant after having 2 failed IVF and having met so many people with the holistic approach. I ended up calling Diane and it was the best decision I made. Diane was so friendly over the phone and didn’t put any pressure on me, for example I would need X amount of sessions in order for it to work, like I have had previously with other practitioners. I went for a massage with Diane and it was brilliant. She listened to my journey so far and gave me great advice. She told me to treat my cycle as my friend and get to know my body and my emotions according to what day I was in. She made me realise fertility is a journey not a race. And I should enjoy the journey and learn from it. Diane had this beautiful aura about her which you can feel as soon as you meet her. I felt at ease with her and was able to open up to her without hesitation. Her fertility massage was relaxing, I drifted into a lovely sleep and felt so calm, I didn’t want to leave :)

The atmosphere she has created in her home is amazing, very spiritual. Following her advice I had 2 sessions and am happy to say I am now pregnant. Diane definitely helped me with my journey to get where I am today. I let go and started enjoying my journey instead of always stressing out about it. I would without a doubt recommend Diane to family and friends which I have already. Diane doesn’t just stop there, she continues to call and message me just to see how I’m doing and I feel that’s great. It’s her passion to help people and with that passion she succeeds. I am grateful to my friend who recommended this beautiful soul to me. 

Thanks Diane for your support and contribution to my journey xxxxx"


“The emotional encouragement helped me to confront my fear and alleviated my anxiety. The massage also helped to relax me and alleviate some of the physical pain in my pelvic region. 

It was a very calming and peaceful environment. The personalised approach and your open and warm personality all made me feel very comfortable and put me at ease from the very first session. You were very responsive to my emotional and physical needs and carried that awareness throughout all my sessions. This made me build trust and rapport with you very quickly.

 Thank you for everything."


"I went to see Diane as I wanted some specific help, I had lower back pain and past ovarian surgeries that had left me feeling that something was off centre. I explained carefully that I wanted a massage that was also nourishing and replenishing. Diane listened carefully and for the first time in a long time I felt listened too and understood. I wanted to have a feeling of peace and calm. Diane tailored her massage to alleviate pain and make me feel more nimble and centred again. Time stood still and I could feel the magic working, she could see clearly where there was pain and how to deal with it. At the end Diane wrapped me up (Rebozo), which was amazing. I felt calm and restored. I would highly recommend Diane. She has extensive expertise is able to listen and adapt to individual needs. She is open minded and understands the trauma women’s bodies go through and how to heal them."


I had a womb massage with Diane, and it was a beautiful experience. This is SO much more than a massage or any physical level experience. This connects you to your inner Goddess



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