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Ever since my first period I carried guilt and shame in my body and in my subconscious mind. It wasn’t until many years later in my thirties when I had my first womb healing that I realised this and began my journey to acceptance, self-love, healing and empowerment. For the first time in my life I came into myself, connecting deeply with my body and inner world and getting to know my own soul.


During that first session my whole world opened up, I learned about cycle awareness and I found myself talking about it with anyone who would listen, at every opportunity I had… BBQs, parties, in the supermarket – you name it! My conversations with my close friends no longer started with “Hello, how are you?”, now it was “What day are you on?”

It was as I stepped more fully into myself that I also began to remember that my soul’s work was to help other women too. I knew I wasn’t the only woman carrying these emotions of shame and guilt in my womb and I knew it was possible for all women to not only heal this,

but to reconnect with their own power through their womb, remembering what they really came here for. 


I say remembering because to me that’s what it felt like, like stepping into the woman I was always meant to be. Even as a young girl of 15 I did my work experience in a birthing centre and a physiotherapists. I had always known that I wanted to work with my hands and it was a real a-ha moment when I realised I was being called to massage.

As I learned more, honing my skills to help other women and also deepening my own healing journey I began to see how the work we do on ourselves has ripple effects out into our homes, our communities and the world. The more we as women embrace the feminine, coming back to our truth, the more we show men how to embrace their feminine too; readdressing the balance between masculine and feminine energy.

On my 39th birthday as I prepared to step into a new chapter in my life I really felt as though I’d worked through a huge chunk of healing and personal growth, but I also felt like there was one piece missing. I decided to have a Menarche ceremony, an initiation that in Eastern and African traditions happens on a girls first period. For me it signified coming into my own power as an individual woman separate from my mama.

From my heart to your heart ~ Aloha, blessings, peace & love Diane x

Outdoor Meditation

"At menarche a woman meets her power, during menstruation years she practices her power, at menopause she becomes her power"

- Native American Saying

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