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Fertility Massage

A powerful, nourishing blend of bodywork techniques, bringing harmony and balance to
the reproductive, digestive and sacral areas. On a much deeper and more important level,
it reawakens and reconnects women to their bodies especially the sacred womb.


Rebozo Massage

A beautiful, feminine massage focusing on total relaxation and nourishing the mind and body. A Rebozo is a traditional Mexican Scarf and can be used throughout a woman's life journey. Within this massage it creates a gentle and relaxing therapy with subtle movement. 

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Angelic Reiki

My own journey into Angelic Reiki began from a place of curiosity into different energies and how I could read them. Angelic Reiki has helped me to balance my own energies and has cleared many obstacles I faced in my own life.

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I offer one-to-one and group womb yoga specifically tailored to meet your needs and abilities. I take an embodied and holistic approach to yoga, integrating breath, chanting, meditation, movement and visualisation.


Lomi Lomi

A unique massage experience infused with ceremony and intention. Long fluid strokes form an intuitive dance around the body. Unlike other massages where you may be pre-empting your therapist’s next move, distinctly aware that when they reach your feet or head your time is nearly up, Lomi Lomi doesn’t follow a set pattern.


Pregnancy Massage

Therapeutic massage and acupressure techniques are used to relax and break down tension. Highly beneficial at different stages in pregnancy and around your estimated due date. 

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