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Menarche First Bleed Ceremony
May, 20th 11 am - 2 pm

A ceremony designed to celebrate your first blood – your Menarche Ceremony (Menarche from the Greek word men meaning month and arkhe, beginning.)

Your first bleed may have happened many moons ago, if you were not celebrated at the time, come and join us in Ceremony. Together we call you to reimagine your story, honouring this important rite of passage, revisiting a path that has informed your relationship with your body, your monthly blood.

We gather to practise deeply symbolic and ritualised activities, creating an embodied initiation and celebration. Exploring ways to honour and to heal, releasing shame, fear, and embarrassment. Cutting loose from the old cultural paradigm of viewing menstruation as burden, or a curse and reclaiming the blood wisdom.

By the close of the Ceremony, it is our intention that you feel a sense of pride, excitement, confidence, and a deeper embodiment of your cyclical wisdom with insight and potency.

Who is the ceremony for?

This ceremony is for:

people who currently menstruate,

or wish to revisit their menstruation cycle as part of their healing journey. (It is a phase that is healing to revisit during the peri and menopause life cycle.)

“The biggest thing I got from the menarche ceremony was a total sense of who I am without attachments to any stories – strong, courageous and confident. In the months that have followed, I have felt a complete sense of freedom. Freedom to be the woman I was meant to be. I am also able to love, respect and honor my mother fully. In the past, in many situations, I would silently think to myself ‘Oh there we go, just like your mother.’ My menarche ceremony brought the spiritual aspect of cutting the umbilical cord to life. It may have physically happened 39 years ago, but I felt connected still. Only now do I feel that I am my own person entirely."

— Diane Przybilla, women’s health therapist, writing in Elephant Journal

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Ceremony Price

Exchange £60


The Ceremony is small and intimate offered to a maximum of 12 participants.


Hammersmith Quaker Meeting, 30-32 Bradmore Park Rd,

London W6 0DT

Free parking is available directly outside the venue and local streets

Your Facilitators

Rashpal Kaur seeded the ceremonies we are offering as a result of her own life journey towards deeper embodiment. Having facilitated women's yoga circles and retreats for a number of years, Ceremony is the next metamorphosis in reconnecting with ourselves and community. The intention of Ceremony is to be seen, witnessed and acknowledged through our life cycle transitions with dignity, support and celebration.

Diane Przybilla is a passionate advocate for women’s health through all her offerings. She brings a depth of experience as a menstrual awareness cycle coach, yoga teacher, fasting guide, fertility and lomi lomi massage therapist/teacher, and energy worker.

Image by Jack Anstey
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