Frequently asked questions

What is an alkaline fast?

Just like other therapeutic fasting, alkaline fasting is also a method of profoundly relieving and detoxifying the body for a limited time. With alkaline fasting, therefore, all acid formers, including healthy ones such as whole grain products and legumes, are avoided. Alkaline fasting is done within a limited time. It is not designed as permanent diet. With alkaline fasting, you eat 100% alkaline foods. Only alkaline formers such as fruit, vegetables, oils and some types of nuts are allowed. During this time, your body has the opportunity to relieve itself of the many acidic eating habits and to feel a little better again.

Why would I want to do it?

Eating an alkaline rich diet is the best way to permanently nurture ourselves. While alkaline fasting only includes alkaline building foods, everyday nutrition should be balanced and wholesome. This also includes acidic formers on the menu again, which are completely omitted with alkaline fasting. Despite their acidic effect, the acid formers provide us with healthy ingredients that should not be missing in the long term. The acid-alkaline balance should be permanently, with our daily food and drink intake, there should always be an excess of alkaline in our diet. Think of it as an 80:20 rule. 80% alkaline builder and 20% the best possible acid builder. Alkaline fasting is the ideal introduction to a healthier lifestyle. Alkaline fasting is the best way to discover the colourful variety of healthy foods. This particular fast shows how much taste the alkaline kitchen has to offer and that a nutrition-conscious way of life means anything but renunciation. In addition, based on experience, alkaline fasting for 1 to 2 weeks can ensure that you feel better in your body again and you can ensure this success over the long term if you eat excessively alkaline in the future. It a restart for the sense of taste. Spices and salt are used sparingly during the alkaline fast.

What do I need to, do it (do I need to buy special equipment / or types of food / herbs – can I do this easily at home in my normal life?

You will need indigestible Epson Salts, which you get get in every pharmacy ( ~ £3.99) You need a simple irrigator ( ~ £ 10) for the colon cleanse, which I talk you through I will provide you with a shopping list for fruits and vegetables and a few extra treats such as nuts and seeds.

Why do it with me?

1. I provide optimal preparation You will start well prepared and the fast starts with a good and safe feeling. As a rule, shortly before the start of your fasting week, you will receive information about optimal preparations. 2. Common goals connect You spend your “fasting” time with a group of people who, like you, have the same goal, namely by consciously consuming less to regain balance. The togetherness will carry you through the week. Nice conversations and exchanges are possible at any time. ( via facebook group) Having fun together is inevitable. 3. You can contact me at any time with questions. Many typical moments such as a slight headache or other physical disorders can be explained very easily and are therefore much more pleasant if you know why the body reacts this way at certain times. You’ll get: E-brochure with lots of information, instructions and simple meal plans Personal online support in the group Easy implementation in everyday life alongside work & family Motivation and exchange in the group (online) Instructions for elimination-promoting measures: colon cleansing, liver compresses, alkaline foot bath, oil pulling, dry brushing, etc. Talks on wholesome nutrition, diet changes and weight loss We’ll meet via zoom: Thursday, 18.11.21 (6 p.m.) - information evening before the relief days, Saturday 20.11.21 (10 a.m.) - fasting day 1 Wednesday 24.11.21 (6 p.m.) - fasting day 5 Saturday 27.11.21 (10.00 a.m.) - Breaking the fast with an apple