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Embodied Menopause Ceremony

A ceremony to acknowledge your rite of passage, to be witnessed, to be seen, to be celebrated with dignity either as a rehearsal of what’s approaching  or an embodiment of the journey so far. To move beyond the negative narrative, normalise and embrace this phase of life as you claim the wise power embedded in each phase of the process.

Embodied menopause because if not now when are we going to prioritise coming home to ourselves, into our bodies and throw out all the projections we took on, what we internalised to be accepted, to be safe enough. This is the truth that builds up a sense of urgency to reset at this life cycle transition. To finally take up more authentic space and expression and in that process share our gifts and experiences as we fill ourselves with us, full, fulfilled.

It’s a topsy turvy journey, we are offering a ceremony to give you a little insight, and containment as you negotiate and navigate your journey.

Who is the ceremony for?

This ceremony is for anyone who is

going through menopause,

is post menopause,

or is peri-menopausal, knowing a new life cycle stage is approaching and wants to step into it with the support of elders.

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Ceremony Price

£60 Early Bird available until 11th Feb 2023

£80 after 11th Feb 2023


The Ceremony is small and intimate offered to a maximum of 12 participants.


Yoga West, 33-34 Westpoint, Warple Way, London W3 0RG

Free parking is available directly outside the studio and local streets

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Your Facilitators

Rashpal Kaur seeded the ceremonies we are offering as a result of her own life journey towards deeper embodiment. Having facilitated women's yoga circles and retreats for a number of years, Ceremony is the next metamorphosis in reconnecting with ourselves and community. The intention of Ceremony is to be seen, witnessed and acknowledged through our life cycle transitions with dignity, support and celebration.

Diane Przybilla is a passionate advocate for women’s health through all her offerings. She brings a depth of experience as a menstrual awareness cycle coach, yoga teacher, fasting guide, fertility and lomi lomi massage therapist/teacher, and energy worker.

Image by Jack Anstey
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