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Experience the incredible power of fasting alongside these specifically selected, gentle restorative practices to help you to detoxify and rejuvenate mind, body and soul. Balance your hormones, boost your immune system, decrease allergies, lose weight, increase vitality and leave you glowing inside and out. 

A week of fasting & self-care,
to cleanse your body and mind
and nourish your soul.

“If you always do what you always did,
you will always get what you always got.”

Albert Einstein.

Who we are?

Hi, I'm Diane!

I am a certified alternative practitioner based in London, UK. I offer body work, reiki, yoga and nutrition services. I used to be a competitive swimmer and a personal trainer and from an early age I noticed the effect of food on my body’s ability to perform. My interest in nutrition and fasting has sprouted from that and the inner knowing that food is much more that just fuel for our bodies. 


As a team, we bring with us years of experience. We know what it takes to create a life where you are feeling free 

and happy and cleansed and healthy on all levels and we incorporate all the tools that we've learned and that we know and we share with you everything that we have, to improve your life and make your health and healing journey easy and beautiful.  

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Our co-host, Tamer

Coming from a corporate environment then becoming a Massage Therapist and a business owner of a few of the most successful businesses in the massage industry in less than 3 years, Tamer shares his experience throughout his journey and the challenges he faced, which led to a massive shift in his mindset and helped him to understand the true meaning of Happiness. 


Join us at the Fasting Hike event for 7 days of talks about happiness, how to achieve it and most importantly, how to maintain it!"


Mother Earth Tipi

Sleeps up to 6. Close to nature, sleep under the stars. 6 single beds. The perfect sleepover in our glorious tipi tent with a cosy log burner. £780 per night pp.

Garden Room 

Sleeps 2. Feel grounded with a rejuvenating stay in our Garden Room. Located on the ground floor of the property, you can enjoy beautiful views of the garden. £1,420

The Oast House

Sleeps up to 4. A bright and airy traditional Oast house, with a wood burning stove for those cold months, a shower room, and 2 double rooms. £840 pp.

Luna Lodge - Shepherd's Hut

Sleeps 2. We are very excited to welcome you to our Luna Lodge, a shepherd's hut situated in a peaceful pocket of our beautiful Kent gardens. £1,780

Sanctuary Suite

Sleeps 2. A spacious double bedroom, luxurious bathroom and private area. £1,500

Stargazer Lotus Belle Tent

Sleeps 2. Our gorgeous stargazer tent. Complete with cosy log burner and sumptuous bed(s) to sink into as the moon rises. £1,200

your kind thoughts...

“I began to feel myself in a way that was unknown to me, liberated and as if the body acted in its most original function, it moved without adding food, it felt as if I am walking on clouds.”

“The mind was sharp and focused on the essentials. I moved in symbiosis with nature...

Thinking about food? - no, there was really no room for that! 

Every sip of spring water was a revelation to me. The happiness about the nourishing broth in the evening, this explosion of taste, as a reward for the physical strain, joyfully kept me going.”

“My most important realisation was that NOT doing something I love, not only has physical advantages but also sharpens the view of things that are otherwise easily overlooked. 

I recommend this important experience to anyone”

A summary of the program.

This 7 day fast is designed for you to get the most out of this ancient tradition, used for centuries to purify, cleanse and reconnect to soul and spirit. Whilst there are many cleansing options in the marketplace, I (Diane, your host and trained Fast guide) believe if you want to experience the benefits of a zero food fast, you ideally need to make a commitment to 7 full days. This retreat is not about curing diseases, this is for healthy people who would like to experience a new level of wholeness, to further their integration of mind, body and soul, whilst deepening the spiritual connection. Perhaps up until now, you have tried it all, the yoga, the gong baths, the ceremonies, the rituals but even after all of these spiritual practices, it still feels like something is missing. Fasting, for me [Diane] was that key. In my experience as a Bodyworker, Reiki practitioner and Fasting guide, when I am working with clients, Nutrition is nearly always forgotten. They are doing ‘all of the things’ on their healing journey, or to achieve a particular goal but the nutrition is so often disregarded, not thought of, or any consideration at all. It still amazes me how little we think about the food we put into our system. How many of us would prefer to focus our attention on spiritual practices to fill the void we are feeling, whilst grabbing a takeaway sandwich on our way to practice them. Or filling ourselves with supplements instead of consciously consuming the right kind of food for our body and mind in the first place. We do all of the things to help ourselves, yet the very fuel we put into our bodies is of no consequence, but I can assure you it is. It is my belief and experience that your nutrition is the forgotten key to your spiritual practice, it is the inner fuel that your body needs as a foundation for all of the other work you are doing. It is the catalyst to take you higher than you knew possible and closer to the you you have been searching for. Ceasing eating for just 7 days, allows your body the time and space it needs to let your spirit expand, in ways you could never imagine or understand, whilst you are constantly feeding it and dampening your inner world down. That one week acts as a circuit break for your body and mind, a chance to stop, cleanse, restore and fully listen to what your body, mind and soul truly needs. This is a chance to reach another level of consciousness through nothingness, no work or spiritual practice is expected of you. A week of fasting will show you that you have everything you need inside of you, right now, when you give it the space to just be.

Why Fasting?

Now more than ever you need your immune system to be at its optimum and this is a major benefit you gain from fasting. With lots of research out there to support this, fasting for an extended period of time can help to reset your immune system and strengthen it as well. From personal experience I can honestly say that since I started combining fasting as part of my self care practices, I have not had a cold or illness since. Both fasting and being in a retreat space, will help you to reduce stress, physically and mentally. Immersing yourself in nature, being part of a supportive community all going through the same experience, giving yourself the gift of time to listen to your body, honour what you hear and nourish what he/she needs, is a priceless gift. Combine that with being in a beautiful and healing space, both the retreat building and the grounds itself and this is a magical recipe for the ultimate rest and rejuvenation for you. A week of fasting will also top your resilience bucket back up to the brim, leaving you ready to face everyday life and all of it’s ups and downs. Feeling balanced with complete clarity and confidence, full of self belief, so much calmer and focused, whilst fully connected to your intuition and higher self. How often in life do you give yourself an opportunity to go back to basics, leave everything behind and focus solely on a reset for your mind, body, soul. This is a chance to connect you back to your true essence, a chance to experience the incredible benefits of fasting in a supported environment, one away from temptations, everyday stresses and lack of willpower, one where you can be supported through the tough moments and get the most out of this experience. As a qualified Fasting Guide, I am here to support you throughout.

Do you relate to any of the following?

  • Are you desperate for healing, you have tried so many things but haven’t quite found ‘the’ thing?
  • Are you fed up of trying everything but still not getting the healing results you want?
  • Do you long to feel supported in your journey to conscious awakening?
  • Are you finally ready to step into your true power?
  • Are you ready to discover and finally strip back all that does not serve you?
  • Are you ready to face your fears and finally step into the next level you?
  • Are you constantly attending various ceremonies, gong baths, sound healing, cacao ceremonies, women's circles, ecstatic dancing, yoga retreats, breathwork, but still repeating the same patterns of behaviour and not getting the true transformation that you dream of?
Then this retreat is for you.

And how do I know?

I understand... I get what you are going through, because I was there too... Before I did my first ever fasting retreat, I did everything, all of the things I have listed above and more, and it did help and all had its place, but that week of fasting took me so much deeper than I ever knew was possible. It turns out, it was all about breaking the cycle. Like a true reset. A circuit break that helped me shift my life to levels I could not have seen or imagined possible and leave everything behind that no longer served me. Fasting and the subsequent ongoing benefits it has left me with, has given me a lens of such clarity that I know exactly who I am and what I want from my life, an unshakable confidence in myself to achieve it and faith in the bigger picture of life, to implement the steps that are shown to me. It has given me courage, resilience and self belief. I am no longer phased by the small stuff that used to irritate and frustrate me and cope with bigger issues with calm, ease and grace. Fasting was the catalyst for such healing and change in my life, as well as the physical benefits. I have always understood the importance of nutrition, I was a competitive swimmer when I was younger (and a personal trainer later in life) I knew that food affected my body’s ability to perform. If I ate sweets before a race, it would impact my performance. My interest in fasting comes from knowing the importance of food as fuel for our bodies but even then I was not perfect. I ate in ways I had been taught to, like many of us are, breakfast at 8, lunch at 12, dinner at 6, regardless of whether I was truly hungry. Fasting let me understand the importance of food on a whole new level, I became mindful (even though I knew how to eat healthy), I started listening to my body, it introduced me to intermittent fasting, I stopped doing what I was taught about food and I started doing what my body needed, I started listening to how I felt and what I wanted to put into it, I became conscious and intuitive, feeding my soul as well as my body. In return I became calmer, more resilient, I started trusting myself on a whole new level, I started to feel more compassionate and loving to all around me, situations and circumstances. And I feel more healthy than I can ever remember, I don’t recall the last time I was ill. It acted as a reset, to unlearn everything I had been taught, everything I thought I knew about food and wellbeing, leading me to become more connected to what I need and the courage to listen to my body always.

A descriptive format of our time together.

During our week together I will encourage everyone to listen to their body on a day by day basis, everything is on offer for you to pick and choose as you tune in and connect to what you and your body needs more deeply. But the gentle walks are considered an essential part of the week and I would expect everyone to take part in these to reap the full benefits of the experience. These gentle walks in nature will benefit you on so many levels, as many of us are aware, scientific research supports this. These gentle walks will support your body in eliminating the toxins that your body will be processing and needing to expel, fresh air, breathing, movement are all vital as is the maintenance of muscle mass, which is crucial whilst fasting. The walks will vary throughout the week but you can expect to do 10km a day, some will be silent and meditative but we will go with the flow and be guided by what is needed each day. Alongside the walking, every morning at 8am, there will be a gentle movement/yoga class, which you are welcome to join, this isn’t compulsory but there if you choose. At 9:30 each day, we will all meet to make teas and fill our water bottles before we head out as a group at 10am for our nature walk. Every evening, we will enjoy our nourishing vegetable broth together. There will also be an informal/casual talk around a particular topic, to further assist you, subjects including nutrition, health, secrets to happiness, or something related to the week. There will be a chance to ask questions and discuss as a group. Finally at the end of each day, there will be a wind down meditation or yoga practice on offer. I have purposely created plenty of space within the retreat day, so you can have time to yourself to use as you wish, whether you want to rest, nap, have a treatment of your choice, journal or take some further time outside, this is your retreat and I want you to use the time as your body feels called to. I will be advising you of some preparations you can do before the week which includes 'diet reduction' and an epsom salt eliminator, an enema during the cleanse period and information on what to do as part of your post-fasting week.

You can expect to leave feeling...

  • Happier
  • More positive
  • More connected to who you are and what you are here to do with your life
  • Full of vitality
  • Physically and mentally lighter
  • A sense of peace and calmness
  • More resilient
  • With a positive outlook on your life
  • Ready to tackle any issues you were facing prior to entering the retreat
  • A different outlook on how you nurture your body and the choices you make
  • To become more mindful
  • You will feel empowered to make the right choices for your body
  • You will become discerning about what you put into your body and feel totally happy and at ease in those decisions
  • You will drop your inner conflict and have a clear sense about what is right for you
  • Your senses will be sharpened and your experiences heightened
  • You will fall in love with yourself and your life, all over again or perhaps for the first time ever
  • You will glow from head to toe!

How do I know if this retreat is for me?

This is for you if:

  • You want to be surrounded and supported by like minded people
  • You are ready and committed to make a change to your life once and for all
  • You are open minded to the possibilities that fasting can open up to you
  • You are finally ready to let go of anything and everything that is holding you back on your healing journey
  • You are ready to press a reset button, give your organs and digestive system a break
  • You are ready to enter a new level of consciousness
  • You are ready to become resilient and confident in navigating your life choices and the decisions you need to make as part of that
  • You are ready to return to wholeness and finally integrate mind, body and soul
  • You are ready to connect to yourself on a much deeper level and become fully aware of what your body needs and how best to serve it
  • You are ready to become intune with the voice of every cell of your body and trust what you hear and act on it
  • You are ready to connect to your intuition on a much deeper level through the practice of cleansing
  • You are ready to gain both mental and physical clarity
  • You are ready to experience glowing skin
  • You are ready to embrace optimum health
  • You are ready to improve your sleep and feel fully refreshed and revitalised because of it
  • You are ready to understand your mind, body and soul on a whole new level!

This is not for you if...

  • You have an ongoing serious health issue
  • You are not ready to make a total commitment to the week of fasting and gentle walks
  • You are not committed to making a real, lasting change to your life
  • You are not ready to feel the best you possibly can and the most healthiest, purest version of you
  • You are looking for a solitary experience, this is very much a group program where we will all be supporting one another
  • You are looking for a straightforward yoga retreat. We will be using yoga/gentle movement to assist the cleanse, but it is not the focus of our time together
  • You are looking for a women’s retreat only, the week is being hosted by myself and a male teacher, Tamer, who I have specifically chosen for what he can bring to this retreat and to encourage everyone who would benefit from this retreat to join
  • You are looking for a retreat that is jam packed full of activities. Whilst there are scheduled activities each day, there is plenty of time and space to integrate all you are learning and experiencing with your own self care practices (you will be taught many during the week) plus opportunities to rest, nap, journal or do anything you please. This is really important to fully integrate your experience.

What to expect.

  • Daily walks in unspoilt countryside
  • Gentle guided meditative walks in silence
  • Daily guided meditations
  • Daily yoga/gentle movement classes
  • Daily guided self-care practices (self-massage with stretching exercises)
  • Guided (suggested) elimination process
  • Professional support of the fasting process
  • Letting go in the silence and abundance of natural landscapes
  • Reconnecting to nature and your inner wisdom
  • Energy treatments (massage, reiki and bodywork on request/at extra cost)
  • Personal fitness training sessions (on request/at extra cost)
  • A listening ear on hand with Diane and Tamer, who will be there to guide and nurture you through this process
  • Daily talks on various subjects to support you through the week (and beyond) including nutrition, conscious cleansing, mindful eating and more
  • Learning exercises around mindful eating practices to use in everyday life
  • Preparing you for life after the fast, best practices, mindful eating, self care, benefits of intermittent fasting and how to incorporate this into your life
  • Talks about specific self care practices that will support any kind of fast, you may decide to do in the future (including intermittent fasting)
  • A beautiful and healing retreat space with accommodation included (located on a ley line) log fires throughout, use of hot tubs and plenty of areas to cosy up, relax and enjoy this nourishing, natural environment
  • Gorgeous countryside grounds to explore and rejuvenate in
  • Located close to London but feels a million miles away, an oasis of calm and tranquility but not endless hours of travel to get here
  • All herbal teas, mineral water, freshly prepared vegetable broth to replenish lost minerals provided
  • A chance to be in nature, gaze at the stars and remember who you are

Location, dates and times.

Times: The fasting courses start at 6 p.m. on the first day (reception at 4.30 p.m.) and ends at 12.30 p.m. on the last day. Please plan: a week of preparation ('diet reduction') and a post-fasting week, if possible without invitations ('diet structure'). The location: Samsara Retreat & Yoga, Clements Cottage, West Peckham, Kent, ME18 5JP The dates: 12th to the 19th of February 2022

What a week of fasting can do for you.

  • Weight loss and purification of the body (women lose on average between 200 and 500 grams per day, men a little more)
  • The ability to correct the oversupply of food we expose ourselves to every day
  • A shedding of the pollutants that we have accumulated from living in a polluted environment
  • The effect of a “beauty mask”: fasting cleanses the skin and makes it beautiful again
  • Help to free yourself from addictions (cigarettes, medication ...)
  • A preventive measure against premature aging
  • A reduction in all risk factors related to cardiovascular diseases
  • A rebalancing of the immune system and a cleansing of the intestinal flora
  • An improvement from chronic fatigue
  • A reduction in chronic inflammation such as B. Arthritis and allergies
  • An awakening of consciousness about our way of life
  • An adjustment or realignment of our life path
I am happy to provide you with further information, just ask away...

Why pick this retreat?

This is not a superficial retreat, it’s not about just looking good and losing weight (although this is a side effect!). The work we will be doing on this retreat is about the integration of mind, body and soul, it is about going much deeper,connecting you to your authentic self and experiencing all of the benefits of this and you will continue to do so long after the retreat ends. My journey is your journey and I am here to guide you, support you, hold your hand and keep you lovingly accountable throughout. My professional training along with my personal and professional experiences mean I understand where you are on your journey as part of this fasting process plus the huge benefits it will have for you. I am approachable, caring, kind and compassionate, completely dedicated to ensuring my clients get the best out of every experience of working with me. I combine all of my skills as a yoga teacher, reiki practitioner, fasting guide and bodyworker to create the most restorative and healing experience. And I can promise you that everyone I work with feels seen, welcome, heard and relaxed, included and supported.

If you are in two minds about whether this is the right retreat for you, I encourage you think and feel...

How much longer do you want to drag the old you around, the issues, the baggage, the blocks and the sabotaging behaviors. How much longer are you willing to prolong the change that your body, mind and soul are really craving and calling out for. You can continue on this same path, doing the same things, spending the money, attending the different events, practices and ceremonies, expecting different results but nothing changing. Or you can invest in 7 days with me and know your life will change forever, for the better. I promise you with my heart, mind, body and soul, This is the change you need.